Energize your pharmacy’s communication

Today more than ever, pharmacies need to control their online and offline communications while differentiating themselves from the industry’s macrophage strategies. It is up to them to develop and highlight their assets and specificities.



Everyone agrees that the pharmaceutical industry is in a state of flux. These changes are taking place on several levels and tend to push many independent pharmacists into the ropes.
On the one hand, there are the questionable policy decisions that fuel misinformation on social networks. The latest example was the non-reimbursement of Pantomed 40mg – 100 comp. This was all it took for the population to generalize and lead to a campaign that led to the organization of buses to go and buy drugs in neighboring countries.
On the other hand, there is the combination of the aggressive marketing policy of the pharmacy’s “supermarkets” and their tendency to walk the tightrope of legality in order to seduce a patient whom they turn into a customer at the end of their “seduction” campaign. Finally, one cannot miss the omnipresence of the leaders in pharmaceutical e-commerce who combine effective advertising with a web referencing handled to perfection.


Many pharmacists are not properly informed about their marketing possibilities. It must be said that from the outside, a two-tiered policy is in effect. On the one hand, we have pharmacists who are called to order when they overstep an antiquated ethical framework, and on the other hand, we have financial powers who seem to have everything under control. So, yes, in effect, we’re all in the same boat. But criminal proceedings are long and complicated by the nebulous legal framework they play upon.
It is necessary to reinvent yourself and allocate marketing space, both in your pharmacy and on the web for your own services and products. More and more laboratories are making bulk formulas available to allow you to stand out with your “home-made” products. The solution is all the more interesting thanks to the higher margins offered by these solutions. Don’t stop there! Develop a real brand image that your patients will only be able to find in a supermarket or on the Internet! Make your products exclusive and launch real online and offline marketing campaigns, just like the big brands do, on the internet, your window and your counter! A video for your pharmacy to broadcast on your website or on local channels can also give you a boost.


How to initiate this strategic shift in a professional manner? Several options are available.
If you are passionate about marketing, it is possible to carry out all the necessary tasks yourself. This requires, of course, a large investment of personal time, but we are available to advise you before you get started!
Then, new companies are starting up to become your marketing ally on a daily basis! They have a transversal approach to the field and adapt themselves to the needs of your pharmacy in a personalised way! Animation of your Facebook page, your google my business, creation of marketing content (posters, videos, labels) according to the strategy set up with you.
In addition to the efficiency that this type of specialized company confers, the expertise they bring for the ethical and legal aspect of your campaigns makes the pharmacist serene. Your advertisements will be totally within the framework accepted by the profession while having an innovative impact for your pharmacy.

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